Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have a Crabulous Birthday!

Here's to another weekend :)  I broke down and ordered a gypsy today...hopefully it will be worth the money I do not have, lol!  I had some time today to work on a birthday card for a good friend.  I made it using Create a Critter and the fish are patterned with the Best Friends cart.  I added texture to the sand and water background by crumpling up the papers.  I am really excited how the card turned out.  I made this card using the imagine because that was what was on my crafting table already, but everything can easily be cut with your regular bug and colored/patterned paper.

I am adding this to My Pink Stamper's "Something Cute" Challenge and Emma's Throwback Thursday "Animal" Challenge. 

I hope you can all find some time to craft and relax this weekend!  Enjoy!


Create a Critter Cartridge
Best Friends Cartridge
Google Eyes


  1. You will love your gypsy. I LOVE mine! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Super fun! Love that crab I just checked out your last few posts, so cute!! Love the hippo!

  3. Love the card and especially the sentiment

  4. EMILY!!! I LOVE THIS CARD!!!!! IT IS SIMPLY "CRABULOUS"!!!! You did an AWESOME job w/the challenge my friend!!
    BIG Gypsy Hugs,
    P.S. CONGRATS on your Gypsy!! I will guarantee you that you are absolutely going to LOVE IT!! Let me know if you ever need help w/it!;)

  5. Super cute, I think the the little crab is so cute!!