Friday, October 1, 2010

MPS Spooky Challenge

Happy Friday Everyone :)  I can't believe how fast another week has gone by and it is already October!  Wow!  Time flies.  Here is my entry for MPS Spooky Challenge.  I used 3 Birds on Parade again!  Since I had some scraps left, I made 2 different cards moving the border accent a little.

Enjoy and have a happy weekend of crafting!


3 Birds on Parade Cartridge
 Cloud 9 Design Paper: Seasonal Stack
White Gel Pen
ZIG Markers


  1. And how cute is this? ABSOLUTELY get a Gypsy! I have another shape card coming out on Wednesday because I was able to use the Gypsy! :) I am a HUGE Gypsy fan. :)

  2. Hi Emily
    thanks for stopping by my blog today, your card is sooo cute!!
    I totally agree with Court, run don't walk and get a GYPSY!!!!! I don't know how I made anything before I had it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my GYPSY...and if you every need help with I am never too far to help you out....

  3. Those are sooooo cute! I absolutely love the paper! :)

  4. wow really great project. DO NOT FORGET


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